Artistic director of ,,Omnia Ballet International Summer Camp” – ballet teacher/choreographer
Mr. Mihai is a professional ballet teacher with 15 years of experience.
He was born in Suceava,Romania and graduate the Romanian National Ballet School ,,Octavian Stroia” – Cluj-Napoca in 2012
At 19 years old he joined Romanian National Ballet Theatre of Cluj-Napoca as a ballet dancer for a period of almost 4 years.
After this period he joined russian ballet company of PortAventura Theatre in Spain colaborating with famous brands as: ,,Cirque du Soleil” ,,Ferrari” , ,, Coca-Cola”…
For a period of 2 years he danced for Costa Cruises,Italy
and after that he joined the famous luxury cruise company ,,Princess Cruises” in USA for a period of 3 years!
His passion for character dance pushed him to attend ,,Michael Flatley Dance Academy” and ,,Lord Of The Dance” project of irish dance- London
Curently he is manager of ,,Omnia Ballet ” school in Suceava,Romania , ballet teacher and artistic director of ,, Omnia Ballet International Summer Camp”

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