Co-Artistic Director | Co-President Bell Art Cultural Association, International Choreographer, Italy

Tatiana Anton is a professional ballet teacher with twenty years of experience.
Born in Suceava, Romania, she attended the Romanian National Ballet School “Octavian Stroia”, Cluj – Napoca at the age of ten.

She continued her studies at the Romanian National Ballet School where she graduated as a dancer in 1990.
Soon after she joined the Romanian National Opera House, in Iasi, where she continued to cultivate her passion and develop her skills on a repertoire that includes ballets such as: Swan Lake, Giselle, The Nutcracker, Esmeralda, Fairy Doll, Carmen and many others.
Tatiana has participated in the tours of the Romanian National Company in Europe and has worked alongside the most famous choreographers, masters and dancers.
At the same time Tatiana taught at the Colegiul National de Arta “Octav Bancila”, in Iasi, from 1992 to 1997, where she worked with students in the development of their artistic skills, coordinating practical lessons and rehearsals
She motivated and supported her students to improve their dance, evaluating and classifying them to increase their artistic skills.
In 1997, after a successful career as a dancer in Europe, Tatiana moved to the United States.
For the past fifteen years she has continued to love dance by teaching and choreographing in several dance schools in San Diego (USA).
It provides the best possible level of professionalism and quality of education and maintains high energy and enthusiasm during classes.
Tatiana has a strong passion for dance and is happy to be able to share her talent, transmitting her passion to others through her teaching.
In 2018 she was a guest teacher at the Satomi Morikawa Ballet Academy, Japan and a guest teacher at the Grand Caribbean International Ballet Festival, Mexico.
In 2019 she is invited as a jury member and guest teacher at the World Ballet Grand Prix, South Korea.
Currently Tatiana is a full-time teacher and Co-director of the Bell Art Cultural Association, Italy.

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